Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cremation? 

Cremation is not a final disposition but a preparation for a memorialization of your loved ones. Now
more than 50% of people are choosing cremation over traditional burials. We take the greatest care in
ensuring the dignity and respect of your loved ones and offer several options for a final resting place.
We have niches, which is a small alcove designed for cremated remains. We have single, companion
and estate lots that provides a place for burial with a memorial or plaque.
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What is a burial vault? 

Though you can’t see them above ground, a burial vault is an option many opt for when planning for their eternal resting place. A burial vault encases the casket, protecting it from heavy machinery used in cemeteries, and of course, the earth above it.


Burial vaults benefit both the family of the deceased and the cemetery grounds. Over time, a casket may buckle under the weight of the ground and decay. This causes the ground above it to sink, which can be unsettling to family members visiting deceased relatives. Burial vaults help prevent this, keeping the grounds pristine for visitation.s, keeping the grounds pristine for visitation.